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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, having an initial grasp of your budget allows us to design within a context. If we overestimate your budget, time is wasted by proposing something that you cannot afford, while underestimating your budget leads to a proposed project that may not live up to the potential of what could otherwise be made. Our designs and plans are customized for you in accordance with your budget. We have had a lot of success creating a rough estimate of what projects may cost before construction has begun, and we need to have a realistic sense of your budget to be able to schedule a site visit. Otherwise, time is wasted by considering possibilities that can’t be afforded instead of focusing on how to create the most value for you as we possibly can.

Planning is the most important factor in regards to a successful completion of the project. If the project begins on the right trajectory, less problems will occur while the construction or renovation is taking place. No matter what, stressful situations will arise in a project like this. With the right planning in place, this stress will be minimized. Once all of the commotion of construction has gotten underway, you will be glad that you started with a solid plan to create a less chaotic atmosphere. We never rush our clients, and won’t move forward until you are fully on board with the design. After the demolition, we will provide a measured drawings for all of the millwork– such as cabinets, vanities, built-ins and whichever others have been agreed upon. After the approval of the design, we will allow you to choose the color and profile. After you have approved every aspect of the design plan, we will start the production ourselves. The next steps are simple and effective.